Our websites are built to look good on any device be it computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  Our mobile websites are compatible with all major smartphone devices such as iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Purchasing a website with us is like getting two for the price of one.  Don't make your mobile users zoom in and out and try to work around your website.  Give them the experience they deserve with a site formatted to fit their device and watch conversions go through the roof!

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OUR SPECIALTY: helping local businesses market and advertise online EFFECTIVELY.

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Why Choose Elegance in Design?

  • ”ResponsiveDesign”

    1 Responsive web design is an approached aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience for visitors.  Minimize zooming, resizing, panning, and give your visitors a one-of-a-kind positive experience.

  • ”HTML5&CSS3″

    2 The latest and greatest code available to us: HTML 5 and CSS3.  This is the code we use to give your website a next-generation appearance.  It also happens to be the cleanest code around cutting down on how long a page loads which means it makes Google happy.  =)

  • ”TranslationReady”

    3 Even though we live in a global community, local businesses tend to serve a unique demographic.  What you need is a website that serves that need and our website are ready for whatever your needs are including multiple language options.  If your customers speak another language so should your website.

  • ”SearchEngineRankings”

    4 Don’t just build the best site out there, make sure you get the visitors to your site to maximize your profits.  We specialize in getting high rankings for the top keywords in your market to maximize your return-on-investment.

  • ”PaidAdsUpandRunningin24Hours”

    5 Looking to drive qualified leads to your website tomorrow?  We can setup your pay per click advertising campaign usually within 24 hours allowing you to see traffic to your website on day 1.

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